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===== UPDATE =====

Another TGM was in the book!
We had a great time meeting designers, publishers, partners, and gamers in Tokyo!

All the pre-orders will be shipped out in the following weeks.
And most of these new titles will be available for order in the TBD Shop.
After putting the items in the carts, you may have quick shipping estimate and pay the order with Paypal.
Your order will be shipped within a week.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us an email at

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Tokyo Game Market (TGM) is almost here again!

TBD will have an AREA booth (#07) in TGM featuring 11 teams showing 20+ games and you are more than welcome to say hi and try some Taiwanese design!
If your schedule doesn't allow you to be TGM this game, no worry! We've got you covered!
You can pre-order at our shop and we will ship out your order in late May.

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